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We are Unglaubbar. We like to create. Mostly things that are in motion. Visually pleasing and powerfull images. Get to know us, maybe we can help you out!


visuals knarsetand - Remixes


visuals knarsetand - fantasy EP

Creating the Fantasy feel

Another collaboration with Knarsetand. They've been working very hard this past few months to release their new EP Fantasy. This EP includes 5 brand new songs for all of us to enjoy.

Due to the fact that this EP is only released online, we wanted to help them improve their online identity and add an extra dimension to the music. We tried our best to create a setting that really captures the fantasy feel. With colorfull mountains in the distance that react to the music and a constantly changing landscape that is passing by. For ourselves this was a great way to experiment with something totally different than all our projects before. ENJOY!

music video knarsetand - insomnia

No more sleep

For our latest project we teamed up with Knarsetand. An upcoming Dutch band, becoming famous for their combination of reggae, drum n bass, dubstep, ska and balkan music. 10-man strong they create an explosion of sound which will surely lead you to the dancefloor.

Knarsetand asked us to create a music video for their latest single "Insomnia". We worked close with the band to achieve the right feel for the video. The clip stars Pierluigi Arisci as our troubled hero, whose obsessive behavior is getting out of hand. We had a blast getting every detail right within the tight timeframe. Keep your eyes and ears open everyone; Knarsetand is a name we will be hearing a lot more from pretty soon! We definitely lost a good amount of sleep listening to this track. ENJOY!


Unglaubbar. That's us! We are Coen & Bouke; friends who share a big love for motion, film, animation and music. Preferably well mixed together for a truly unglaubbar audiovisual experience. We are stationed in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Always looking for new ways to express and improve ourselves. Expanding our skills, using the right tools and trying to find the best way to let you impress your audience.

We live in exciting times when it comes to video. Video is constantly evolving, and so are we.

If you like what you see, dont be afraid to leave us a message.